Jo was a family man who emigrated, with his family, from Sweden to Sydney, Australia 17 years ago. He is also my dad. When he arrived in Sydney, he started working for a large removals company who overcharged and delivered a second-rate service.

As a result, my dad resigned from this company and, born out of his desire to care for his family and to provide a premium removalist service at affordable prices, he started up his own removals company.

Top Move was born.

From Home to the garage to the office

My dad worked all day from home, taking calls, and transporting goods all over Sydney. As the business grew, my mother got so sick and tired of the business papers lying all over the house that she decided that the business had to move – out of the house!

My dad bought a timber shed and erected it in our back yard. He then worked seven days a week from his backyard office for a short while.

As the business grew, he soon outgrew his backyard office and moved into a small shop in Fair Field. I joined the business full-time – after spending a year backpacking around the world. I was eager to help out and grow the business.

I still remember how our team worked surrounded by hundreds of packing boxes. We would take turns stacking them on top of each other in between callouts.

Moving on to greater heights

I am so proud that I’ve been able to build up this family business with my dad. I’ve been with him from the start and, together, we are entering an exciting time as I step into the role of CEO. Having worked part-time in the family business since I was 14 years old, and full-time since 2005, I am ready to take up the leadership mantle and guide Top Move to even greater heights.

My aim is to continue my family’s vision for this business, and I know we can make this happen as a team. I can’t wait to embrace the future with the Top Move family. Our mission statement is that we don’t just move boxes, we move people and their lives. Our clients deserve our respect.

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Diligent, mindful, personal service to everyone across Australia

Our expertly trained movers and our industry-leading business processes will ensure that all of your treasures, from your inestimable antiques to your functional goods, will be moved safely. As part of our unique service, we provide:

  • Teams of efficient packers and movers who are highly skilled and expertly trained.
  • Top Move’s innovative packing wrapping system including industrial-strength bubble wrap, cling film, and sturdy boxes exactly designed for your household goods.
  • Our customized crating and cherished item packing for your goods
  • Tailor-made reinforced steel containers to secure your household/office while in transit and storage
  • Custom-built leading edge warehousing with 24/7 fire and security monitoring that is designed to keep your home/office goods safe from dust, pests, and the weather conditions/natural disasters.
  • Insurance to cover your home/office goods for that ultimate layer of security and peace of mind while in storage or transit.

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Your prized possessions will be moved economically

At Top Move, we pride ourselves on consistently delivering superior-quality moving and storage services at affordable rates. We work with you to meet your needs within your budget, and we’re confident that if you compare our high-quality services to others’ you’ll find our value to be excellent.

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Move with Us for Tranquility and Peace of Mind

Our value proposition allows us to take the stress out of your move by delivering an all-inclusive range of end-to-end moving services and products, including:

  • Flawless door-to-door packing and unpacking, removalist and unpacking services to save you time and let you get on with your life at your new destination.
  • Custom designed moving boxes, packing materials and containers to protect your treasures from dust, breakage, vermin, and the elements of nature.
  • Thoughtfully planned pet transport and kennelling to make sure that your pet’s move is as stress-free as possible.
  • Car relocation that is safe, secure, and trackable so you can focus on getting you and your family to your new home, without having to worry about your motor vehicles, motorcycles or boats.
  • Concomitant services, such as trades contracting and set up of your home/office to save you time and energy, so you can focus on settling into your new home/office.
  • Exhaustive moving and storage insurance options for that ultimate layer of security and peace of mind.

For a safe, stress-free, affordable home/office move, speak to one of our friendly, skilled customer care consultants now.

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