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Top Move Removals is known as the best backloading Sydney to Canberra removalists.

Our superior quality removals service that we offer to all of our clients now includes backloading. We are proud to offer the same high-quality service to our backloading clients as we provide to our premium clients.

In other words, our Sydney to Canberra backloading offering is the same as our regular service. The only difference is that you will pay a lower rate on our already great value for money removals service. The trade-off is that you will need to have flexible moving dates.

What is backloading?

Backloading is cost-effective moving.

If your moving dates are flexible, then you can utilise our backloading interstate removals service.

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Given that, on a daily basis, we move furniture interstate Sydney to Canberra and vice versa, there is a perfect chance that we can accommodate the date and time that suits you for your relocation as part of our backloading removalists service.

At Top Move Removals, we are a premium backloading company. If you think about it, backloading is a win-win situation for both of us. You pay a lower rate for your move from Canberra to Sydney, and we generate an income because our truck is not returning to base empty. Be that is it may; let’s get into the different types of backloading. We offer two kinds of backloading:

Full truck removalist backloading

We offer you the opportunity to book a truck returning from a completed move specifically for your furniture and household goods. You do not share this truck with anyone else. There are advantages and disadvantages to full truck backloading.

The most significant advantage,  your goods do not run the risk of getting mixed up with someone else’s furniture. You know that everything in the truck is yours and it will be delivered straight to you.

On the other hand, the disadvantage is that you will pay more for this type of backloading than you would pay if you shared the truck with someone else.

Shared Backloading

Our Shared Backloading service allows customers who have only a few items to book space on one of our trucks returning from a completed interstate move; thus, our removalists will load your belongings onto the same truck along with other customers’ goods for the interstate journey back home. Because a group of you are sharing the load, it makes sense to share the cost as well.

Because your possessions are sharing a load with other customers’ goods, including shared costs, it does not mean that we reduce the levels of our five-star service. As with full truck backloading, it’s a win-win situation for both parties. Our truck returns full, and you move your goods at a meagre price.

Disassembling, Packing, Reassembling, Unpacking

We offer the same packing and unpacking service to our backloading clients that we provide to our premium clients. Our teams of expert movers are trained to pack up your home quickly and efficiently. They use protective wrappings such as cling wrap, industrial bubble wrap, felted blankets, and appropriately-sized sturdy boxes.

After that, your furniture and household goods are securely loaded into the truck. Our furniture removalists make sure that nothing can move or rub against anything else during the road trip.

Should your furniture be part of a shared load, our movers will mark the boxes and furniture; thus, ensuring that the loads do not get mixed up en route.

Sydney to Canberra Backloading Transportation

We do not double-load. In simple terms, this means that we load the truck once and we offload the truck at your destination. We do not unload your goods from the truck onto a train, even though this is a cheaper way to move. Once your furniture is in our truck, it stays on the truck until we reach your destination.

Another point to note is that we run and maintain our fleet of trucks. This has several advantages, including the fact that we can offer you the right-sized truck to suit your load. This ensures a cost-effective move.

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Unsure which product you need? Enter your details to instantly see the product we suggest for your move.

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