Exceptional house removal and relocation service taken to the next level by the team at Top Move, your home removalists

Building upon our many years of experience in the home removalist industry, Top Move has changed your relocation experience from a difficult and stressful ordeal into a comfortable stress-free affair.

At Top Move, our motto is to supply exceptional value for money in all of our service areas, but also to always exceed expectations in each element of our value proposition. We offer a wide variety of turnkey removals packages to match your unique requirements. Our adroit planners are able to put together a removals package that suits your needs. We don’t force your move into one of our standard packages.

Our professional, hands-on approach facilitates a sense of trust that inspires our customers to feel confident in the fact that their furniture and household good are safe and secure. Many other home removalists in Sydney simply cannot deliver the expert treatment which Top Move provides – day in and day out. We offer an old world attitude together with modern technology which allows us to take special pride in the quality of our service that we offer to our clients

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Our entire staff complement is employed on a full-time basis. We do not hire any freelance or part-time staff. This enables us to keep a better handle on the calibre of people we employ, as well as their continuous training requirements. Consequently, because of the quality of our staff, we are proud to say that we offer the best home removals service in Sydney.

Our Pricing Policy

Top Move applies a transparent, open, and honest pricing policy. At the same time, we offer a flexible moving solution, allowing us to meet your unique requirements. Each individual part of your move is separately priced so that you can see exactly what you are paying for.

Our prices also include fuel and toll fees. We do not charge for extra sundries that are not directly linked to your move.

In order to quote you on your move, one of our experienced consultants will come out and inspect the household goods that need to be moved to your new location. As part of the quotation process, we will list all the furniture and other household goods that we need to move.

We then use the latest software to determine the number and type of boxes you need, the number of movers needed to quickly and efficiently pack and load the truck, and finally, the correct size truck in order to save you time and money.

Protection and Packaging

We have teams of expert movers who are experienced in packing up your home. Each team is led by a team leader who manages the execution of the move. You will also be given regular updates by the team leader as well as his mobile number in case you need to contact him at any stage.

We supply only the best packaging materials in order to protect your treasured possessions. We utilise industrial strength bubble-wrap, cling wrap, and felt blankets before packing your possessions into sturdy boxes. Our movers are also able to disassemble your furniture in order to prepare it for transport.

Once your furniture reaches its destination, we unload, unpack and reassemble your furniture for you. No job is to big or small for us.

Transporting your furniture

We own and maintain our own fleet of trucks; thus enabling us to supply the correct-sized truck for your load. Top Move has a single-load policy. In other words, we load your furniture into one of our trucks and it stays in the same truck until we reach your destination. This essentially means that your furniture is better protected as it is shifted around as little as possible.

All of our trucks are equipped with specialist loading equipment which allows us to load your oversized, heavy items into the truck without scratching or damaging the items in the process.

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No move is ever too much for our professional staff. The facts speak for themselves. Our teams of expert movers plan and execute the best house removals in Sydney. Contact us now. We have customer support staff standing by, waiting to take your call. You won’t be sorry!

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Unsure which product you need? Enter your details to instantly see the product we suggest for your move.

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We have moved more than 2,312 Australian’s to their new homes.

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With more than a decade of experience in self pack interstate moving

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You Pack Removals is fully insured with a sum of $250,000 per shipment

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